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- Renault Karen Millen Dresses sells its stake in Volvo AB for 1.5 billion euros
- Copyright Karen Millen Outlet: Google indemnifies the Belgian press
- The Karen Millen Outlet former head of Elf Le Floch-Prigent complaint for corruption
- The Karen Millen Outlet press alarm return of Berlusconi

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 Renault Karen Millen Dresses sells its stake in Volvo AB for 1.5 billion euros Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The French automaker http://www.karenmillenshop-uk.com Renault said Thursday it has taken 1.476 billion euros from the sale of its remaining stake in the Swedish Volvo AB, via a private placement with institutional investors. In detail, it has sold 138 million shares, representing approximately 6.5% of the capital and 17.2% of voting rights to 12.78 billion Karen Millen Dress Swedish kronor and no longer holds any interest in the Swedish society. The French government, which holds a quarter of Renault, announced Wednesday evening that 45% of the amount, € 664 million would be dedicated to strengthening its industrial base in France. This building is a Karen Millen Outlet key element in Renault's strategy, which is engaged in the business plan 2011-2013, to devote to France an investment program of $ 2 billion, or 40% of its global investment over the period, despite a difficult market environment, wrote Pierre Moscovici and Karen Millen Dresses Arnaud Montebourg in a statement Wednesday. Ministers recalled that the program includes significant investments in Douai (Megane platform, production of the successors of the Laguna and Espace), Sandouville (arrival of the new Trafic), Dieppe (launch of Alpine) Karen Millen Dresses to Flins (continued investments Zoe) and Maubeuge (Kangoo). For its part, Renault announced that the money would be allocated in priority to the ongoing deleveraging of the Renault group and investment in France, Russia and China. DIFFICULT SITUATION IN EUROPE Renault, who Karen Millen Sale had entered the Swedish capital in 2001, ceding its branch trucks, Berliet and Saviem heir, was still the largest shareholder. He had already defeated a block of shares in AB Volvo October 2010. The group, like most European automakers, suffers from the economic situation in Europe, and announced in late October that it would not increase its target of sales in 2012. As for the net financial debt of its automotive operations, it decreases steadily since 2008, when it reached nearly 8 billion, and accounted for more than 818 million euros at the end of the first half of 2012. AB Volvo is a manufacturer of trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and construction equipment, which also produces engines and construction equipment. Since 1999 he leads an independent life of the car manufacturer of the same name (Volvo Cars), now owned by China's Geely to buy after the American Ford. World number two heavyweight behind Germany's Daimler, it employs around 100,000 people and has production sites in 20 countries. The group is the owner of the truck manufacturer Renault Trucks, which Karen Millen Outlet has four plants in France and employs a total of 14,000 people. In 2011, AB Volvo has achieved a turnover of 34 billion euros and a net profit of € 2 billion, and had contributed 136 million euros to Renault's results.

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 Copyright Karen Millen Outlet: Google indemnifies the Belgian press Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The press can bend Google http://www.karenmillenshop-uk.com . Belgian newspapers just to prove it. A secret agreement was reached Friday, December 7, between francophone publishers of newspapers (groups Rossel, Karen Millen Dress La Libre Belgique, L'Avenir), the Society of copyright Journalists (SAJ) and Google. The U.S. giant will pay substantial compensation, according to a source who is between 2% and 3% of sales in the French-speaking Belgian press, nearly 5 million. Journalists should Karen Millen Outlet receive a share of the jackpot by SAJ. This regulation comes close a legal drama that has pitted publishers and search engine. In 2006, Copiepresse, Karen Millen Dresses the association that represents the interests of the French press has attacked Google for copyright infringement in court. In the first instance, Karen Millen Outlet the American company was ordered to remove the offending articles, and a fine of 25,000 euros per day of delay. PREVIOUS ONE COULD MAKE THE SNOW BALL- A first negotiation was conducted in 2007 between publishers and Google. But the amount of compensation offered by the American company was deemed derisory by the editors. The judgment against Google has been confirmed by the Court of Appeal of Brussels in May 2011. For its part, the search Karen Millen Sale engine has stopped speaking Belgian press reference to its Google News aggregator. The U.S. giant has finally decided to lodge an appeal and instead renegotiate with publishers. The signatories pledged not to disclose this transaction, and even less about the amounts involved I must say that Google has a lot to lose in this case: the payment of compensation to Belgian newspapers set a precedent that could snow-ball in other European countries, at a time when French publishers, German Italian and wish to pay the search engine a neighboring right to copyright. The agreement signed on December 7 door on a Karen Millen Dresses compromise package, which includes penalties imposed by the Belgian justice and compensation for unlawful use of content on the press in recent years. It seems that it does not issue rights for years to come. Contacted by Le Monde, Le François Hodey, president of the Assocation French-language newspapers in Belgium (JFB) and Google have neither confirmed nor denied the agreement.

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 The Karen Millen Outlet former head of Elf Le Floch-Prigent complaint for corruption Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The former head of http://www.karenmillenshop-uk.com the oil group Elf Le Floch-Prigent commits the response. Currently held in Lomé (Togo) where he is charged in connection with a fraud case, the former French leader complained to Paris via his lawyer. Indeed he challenges the validity of his arrest which would, according to him, Karen Millen Dress the result of an operation of corruption. The arrest of Le Floch-Prigent dates back to 15 September in Abidjan as part of an investigation in March 2011 following a complaint by a businessman UAE, Abbas El-Youssef. The former boss, then transferred to Togo, is believed to be the conductor of an international fraud involving Karen Millen Outlet tens of millions of dollars to the detriment of Mr. Youssef. Mr Le Floch-Prigent was arrested illegally and irregularly after an operation orchestrated by Mr. Youssef corruption in Abidjan, retorted his lawyer Patrick Klugman, who Karen Millen Dresses filed a complaint for corruption and undermining arbitrary deprivation of liberty by a person exercising a public function. GUILTY OR VICTIM? I Klugman asserts Karen Millen Outlet that the arrest of the former head of Elf was obtained in consideration of payment of large sums of money. A series of emails involving Mr. Youssef and dating from the period before and after the arrest of Le Floch-Prigent was attached to the complaint. It is undoubtedly the only reading of these emails at least the sum of 50,000 dollars would have passed or should pass in order to facilitate the arrest of Le Floch-Prigent, these amounts being claimed from M . Abbas (El-Youssef) itself civil party to the ongoing investigation for fraud, said particular complaint. The lawyer asked the Paris prosecutor to Karen Millen Sale conduct an investigation that will include, according to him, determine the identity of interlocutors Youssef in these email exchanges. Mr Le Floch-Prigent has never participated in this scam. It is in this procedure because it allows Yousef to give visibility to the issue and put pressure on the Togolese authorities Klugman believes me. The lawyer and his client's family have also repeatedly called for an emergency medical evacuation to France for Le Floch-Prigent, aged 69, suffers especially psoriasis. It Karen Millen Dresses would have had to undergo surgery in late September in France. Togolese justice, which first required a deposit of $ 9 million for his release, then set to the sum of $ 6 million at the end of November, according to his lawyer Rustico Togo Bankou Lawson. This amount is still considered too high by the defense, which has decided to lodge an appeal.

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 The Karen Millen Outlet press alarm return of Berlusconi Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Help is coming!, It resurfaces http://www.karenmillenshop-uk.com from the dead, the editorialists of the national and regional press ironic about the return policy of the former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, 76 years but also worry for Italy and for Europe. We finished the thought, Karen Millen Dress half dead politically, almost buried ... Help, it is! Denis Daumin launches in the New Republic-Central West. For Sylvain Bourmeau (Liberation): The unspeakable Berlusconi resurfaces from the dead. And columnist described Berlusconi as eternal actor. Every Karen Millen Outlet time he falls off his horse, Berlusconi back in the saddle ... surprised Didier Louis Courrier Picard that gratifies Silvio Berlusconi collector of one of the finest sets of pans. The Cavaliere is not thrown, Karen Millen Dresses said Raymond Couraud turn in Alsace. But humor quickly gives way to Karen Millen Sale questions and concerns raised about the return of the former head of the Italian State on the front of the political stage. The news from Italy is very worrying, said Guillaume Goubert the Cross to which the work of recovery of Italy, financial, economic, moral, is questioned. Risks plunging the peninsula, and with it the rest of the euro zone, a new storm. THE STATE BOARD OF SUFFOCATION In Les Echos, Nicolas Barré warns: The worst thing that could happen to Italy would fall into a political crisis that would break the momentum of reforms by Mario Monti. This risk, the boot is ironically one (Berlusconi) that financial markets are driven from power in November 2011. The editorial points out that Berlusconi had left a state on the brink of suffocation and which, by its size, threatening to plunge the Karen Millen Outlet eurozone into chaos. The new Cayman trick could raise the temperature on the rate Italian and penalize countries that had managed to give serious guarantees to avert the danger of a drift to the Greek, laments Christophe Lucet in Southwest. Flag Ivan La Charente free, Karen Millen Dress it proves categorically: With Berlusconi, Italy would expand the list of major disaster after Greece, Spain and Portugal. Finally, some believe that Italians will not let the game take (Raymond Couraud) or can not ignore that Italy is not of interest to the merchant illusions that fooled them for twenty years but only himself (Ivan Flag).

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